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What is the .KPP file type?

The .kpp filename extension is primarily associated with the Kid Pix SlideShow (KPP) file format and type. Kid Pix is a children's art studio with an intuitively simple yet productive interface, rich assortment of tools and actions and a long history (since 1987). Initially developed for the early Apple Mac platform, Kid Pix is now available both for Mac OS X and Windows from Software MacKiev.

A .kpp file is a binary file in the proprietary KPP format that contains a Kid Pix slideshow presentation with frame transition effects, animated backgrounds etc. KPP files can be created, viewed and edited with Kid Pix, however, for distribution purposes such .kpp files must be exported to a major digital video format (MOV by default).

Differently, the .kpp extension is also used to denote the Krita Brush Preset (KPP) file type and format used by Krita. Part of the KDE desktop environment, Krita is a full-fledged graphical studio application for creating both bitmap and vector artwork. Both Krita and KDE are available for several platforms (mainly, GNU/Linux).

KPP files store preset brush tools that are available for selection and use in the main Krita GUI, with each .kpp preset representing a different brush and stroke type. KPP presets can be edited in Krita and are located in the "~/.kde/share/apps/krita/paintoppresets" directory (Linux) by default.

With Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP), an open scientific software tool designed by A. Sandu & R. Sander specifically to build atmospheric chemical models, the .kpp extension is used as a marker for KPP model input files. A .kpp file is a short plaintext file that defines parameters of a model.

The .kpp extension is also used by KoolPlaya, a free light-weight multimedia player for MS Windows by AKi-Software, to distinguish its playlist files (.kpp). The KPP playlist format is compatible with KoolPlaya only.

With reference to the legacy Karel++ robot programming language, the .kpp extension was used to label plaintext Karel++ source-code files.

Software to open or convert KPP files

You can open KPP files with the following programs:
Kid Pix
KORG KP3 Editor
KORG KP3 Editor by KORG Inc.
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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