LBK File Extension

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What is the .LBK file type?

The .lbk filename extension primarily represents the ArchiCAD PlotMaker Layout Book (.lbk) file type and format used by earlier versions of ArchiCAD, an advanced and powerful commercial architectural CAD system by GRAPHISOFT SE. An .lbk file is a collection of layouts prepared in PlotMaker, a dedicated tool for working with layouts in ArchiCAD 9 and earlier. ArchiCAD 9 was the last version to use layout books and the associated .lbk file format.

For backwards compatibility, all later ArchiCAD versions provide a mechanism to convert legacy layout book files (.lbk) into the ArchiCAD common project format (.pln). Since not all .lbk layout books can be converted fully or seamlessly, GRAPHISOFT provides detailed LBK to PLN conversion instructions for all recent ArchiCAD versions. A PlotMaker layout book (.lbk) can be natively opened in PlotMaker (ArchiCAD 9 and earlier) or opened for conversion in any later ArchiCAD version.

The .lbk extension is additionally associated with the Logbook Pro Data File (.lbk) file type and format used by the Logbook Pro flight logging software for aircraft pilots developed by NC Software, Inc. The .lbk file is a single database-like storage used by Logbook Pro for all flight logs entries. Such files use a proprietary format and can be opened in Logbook Pro only.

Apart from that, the .lbk extension represents the BunBackup Backup Project (.lbk) file type. BunBackup is a small-footprint freeware folder and file backup utility written by K. Nagatsuki for Microsoft Windows (Japanese only). BunBackup uses .lbk files to save its backup job descriptions. Here, an .lbk file is a UTF-16 text document listing source and destination directories as well as job-specific options.

With reference to Laser App Enterprise, commercial form-filling technology and CRM software by Laser App Software, the .lbk extension denotes the Laser App Backup File (.lbk) file type/format. Here, the .lbk file is a data backup archive created in Laser App Enterprise for data safeguarding purposes. Such backups (.lbk) can only be opened using Laser App software.

In VPOP3, a full-fledged e-mail server for Microsoft Windows commercially available from its developer Paul Smith Computer Services, the .lbk extension serves to denote archived VPOP3 log files. A log archive (.lbk) is made by renaming the current log file (.log) each time a new, more recent log is created. All VPOP3 logs (.log, .lbk) are accessible in the "Settings→Diagnostics" menu section.

Software to open or convert LBK files

You can open LBK files with the following programs:
Laser App Enterprise
Laser App Enterprise by Laser App Software Inc.
BunBackupPack Ver.
BunBackupPack Ver. by Nagatsuki
BunBackup Ver.
BunBackup Ver. by Nagatsuki

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