Opening LDT files

Have a problem opening a .LDT file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what LDT files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .LDT file type?

Primarily, the .ldt extension belongs to the EULUMDAT photometric data format, being associated with the related LDT file type. EULUMDAT is a standard format for recording photometric data in design and assessment of various artificial lighting systems. EULUMDAT is mainly used in continental Europe.

An .ldt file is a text-based file (ASCII) that contains volumetric light intensity data of a light source, defining a spatial photometric profile. All data inside .ldt files are divided in records, each starting from a new line. Such .ldt files can be created and edited with dedicated lighting design applications.

Many manufacturers of household, industrial and special-purpose illumination systems provide their photometric data as LDT files. There are tools to view LDT files and convert them to other standard photometric formats like IESNA.

Alternatively, the .ldt extension is used by LINGO to denote the LINGO Data (.ldt) file type. LINGO is a simple yet advanced mathematical model solver and optimization tool for MS Windows by LINDO Systems. It is used in logistics, personnel management, warehouse administration, etc.

LINGO data files (.ldt) are text-based files that contain model data arranged following a certain syntax. Such LDT files are used as data holders to be accessed programmatically from within LINGO models. Any such .ldt file can be also directly viewed/edited with a text editor.

Besides, the .ldt extension is encountered in association with the Oracle Data File (LDT) file type and format. Such .ldt data files are used by Oracle data synchronization tools such as FNDLOAD, etc. in pair with .lct configuration files. An .ldt file contains both data structure definition and the actual data.

Lastly, the .ldt extension can also come in association with the LogoDesignStudio Pro Template (LDT) file type/format. LogoDesignStudio (LDS) is a dedicated commercial logotype-design application for MS Windows, and an .ldt file is an LDS project file.

Software to open or convert LDT files

You can open LDT files with the following programs:
LogoDesignStudio by Summitsoft Corporation
Lingo by Lindo Systems Inc

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