Opening LOCK files

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What is the .LOCK file type?

Having historically evolved from the Unix world, the .lock filename extension generally belongs to so called 'lockfiles.' A lockfile concept involves presence of some kind of marker to signal that another file or resource is being currently locked, or used exclusively by a process or application.

A locked file is a file currently being changed and/or updated, with all other concurrent access attempts blocked to ensure data integrity.

Thus, a file with the .lock extension is a semaphore-type signal, communicating a certain status with its mere presence, so .lock files may have arbitrary content. Although, sometimes a .lock file would contain ID number of the locking process and other contextual data. LOCK files would be generally created at the same location with the file/directory being locked. Often, a .lock file would have the same filename as the file being locked with the .lock extension appended to it.

Many operating systems and applications use .lock files as a mechanism to declare locking of files, directories and devices.

In Mojang Minecraft, a popular open-model online/offline world building and landscaping video game, .lock files are used to ensure consistency of Minecraft worlds between game sessions. In Minecraft, a .lock file stores a 8-byte long timestamp of the moment the world was last accessed, vesting the world's ownership on the most recent session taken.

Software to open or convert LOCK files

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