MAW File Extension

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What is the .MAW file type?

The .maw extension belongs to the Microsoft (MS) Access Data Access Page Shortcut (MAW) file type and format used by earlier releases of MS Access (prior to 2007). Being part of the MS Office suite, MS Access is a relational database application that uses MS Jet Database Engine and can connect to other database types through ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).

An .maw file is a small binary file that serves as a link, or shortcut to a data access page — a dynamic HTML web page generated from within Access and connected to an Access database as data source. When activated, such a shortcut causes immediate re-direction to the page that it points to. In Windows with any of the earlier MS Office releases installed, the .maw extension would always be hidden through the 'NeverShowExt' registry key by default.

MAW has been included in many official lists of potentially dangerous file types because .maw shortcuts could be used to activate malicious software. Attempts to send an MAW file by e-mail or attach it to a database record (incl. MS Access) etc. are normally blocked on the application or system level.

Software to open or convert MAW files

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