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What is the .MPB file type?

The .mpb filename extension is primarily associated with the MyPhoneExplorer Backup (.mpb) file type. MyPhoneExplorer is a free-to-use management tool for Sony Ericsson and Android-based mobile phones developed for Microsoft Windows by Franz J. Wechselberger. MyPhoneExplorer creates an .mpb file when saving a backup of a phone's data. Thus, an .mpb file is a bundled archive containing various kinds of data such as SMS messages, contacts, etc. retrieved from a mobile phone. The data contained in such an .mpb backup can be accessed by opening the file in MyPhoneExplorer. During installation, MyPhoneExplorer associates itself with the .mpb file type, regardless of any previously existing associations.

The .mpb extension is additionally associated with the ModelMaker Pascal Edition Model (.mpb) file type introduced and used by ModelMaker, a commercial UML-style CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) solution for Pascal/Delphi and C♯ programming from ModelMaker Tools BV. The Pascal version of ModelMaker saves its model files with the filename suffix .mpb by default, while the C♯ version uses a different extension (.mmcs). The .mpb file is a ModelMaker Pascal Edition software design model. It is a regular ZIP archive that contains three XML files (codemodel.xml, diagrams.xml, critics.xml) and one INI-style file (settings.mmproj). The default model template (Default.mpb) shipped with ModelMaker Pascal Edition serves as the base for all new ModelMaker projects.

Another file type represented by the .mpb extension is the Movavi ChiliBurner Project (.mpb) file type associated with Movavi ChiliBurner, a CD/DVD burning tool bundled with earlier versions (Version 7) of the commercial multimedia authoring solution Movavi VideoSuite from Movavi. Here, an .mpb file is a CD/DVD project created in Movavi ChiliBurner and saved to disk. It is a binary RIFF file that contains filename and path references to all files selected to be burned on a CD/DVD. The .mpb file type gets associated with Movavi VideoSuite at installation, and a double-click on any .mpb file launches the application in the CD/DVD creation mode.

With reference to Microsoft System Center, a commercial data center and computing infrastructure management solution by Microsoft, the .mpb extension is used to denote Bundled Management Packs (.mpb). Such an .mpb file is an archive containing several management pack (.mp) files, either sealed or unsealed, and optionally additional resource files or assemblies. Before the content of an unsealed .mpb archive can be accessed, it must first be unbundled using a Windows PowerShell script.

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