MPCPL File Extension

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What is the .MPCPL file type?

The .mpcpl filename extension stands for the Media Player Classic Playlist (.mpcpl) file type used by a versatile and fast open-source multimedia player for Microsoft Windows, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC). MPC-HC recognizes and uses multiple popular playlist formats and introduces its own (.mpcpl).

MPCPL is a text-based format for saving lists of multimedia items queued for playback. An .mpcpl playlist is a normal text file (ANSI or UTF-8/UTF-16) in which each playlist entry is covered by two lines with comma-separated values. The first line states the number, while the second one provides the path (URL) of a queued multimedia file. Each .mpcpl file always starts with the "MPCPLAYLIST" signature string.

In MPC-HC, playlists are handled from the Playlist panel ("View > Playlist" or Ctrl+7). MPC-HC provides an option to automatically create associations for supported multimedia and playlist file types. Besides, any .mpcpl file can be easily opened in a text editor or converted into other playlist formats, either manually or using one of the many playlist converters or editors.

Software to open or convert MPCPL files

You can open MPCPL files with the following programs:
MediaPlayerLite by MediaPlayerLite
UMPlayer [P4]
UMPlayer [P4] by Ori Rejwan

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