Opening MRK files

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What is the .MRK file type?

Primarily, the .mrk filename extension is associated with the Pro/Engineer Markup File (.mrk) file type and format used in the scope of Pro/Engineer, a highly complex and powerful parametric CAD system from PTC. In Pro/Engineer, a markup is a transparent layer of arbitrary text and/or shapes applied as an overlay to a part or assembly drawing. Saved separately as .mrk files, markups are used for comments, correction requests, and other meta-information that can be shown together with a Pro/Engineer object without changing it.

MDaemon Messaging Server, a commercial mail server from Alt-N Technologies, uses the .mrk extension for its account and mailbox folder configuration files. MDaemon uses several types of .mrk files, each of which stores vital settings for proper mail processing and storage. For instance, every MDaemon e-mail account (an ".IMAP" directory) must have its main account configuration file ("HIWATER.mrk"). Mailbox folder, address book, calendar, and search settings are controlled by their respective .mrk files, too. All such .mrk files are service files and are not meant to be directly opened by the user.

Standing for the MARC Text File (.mrk) file type/format, the .mrk extension also relates to MarcEdit, a freeware Microsoft Windows tool written by Terry Reese to manipulate MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) library records. The .mrk file contains a human-readable representation of a MARC (.mrc) record file. Such MRK files are produced by 'breaking' MARC files using the MarcBreaker tool and can be directly viewed and edited in MarcEdit. Upon editing, each .mrk file must be translated into the raw MARC format using MarcMaker.

In Wavelab, a powerful professional-level waveform sound editor from Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, the .mrk filename suffix is attached to marker files. A marker file (.mrk) is a temporary service file automatically created and updated by Wavelab for each waveform with user-inserted marks to save their positions. As such marker files (.mrk) tend to accumulate and clutter the project's directory, the latest Wavelab versions introduced an option to disable their creation.

Apart from that, the .mrk extension acts as a designation of the Printer Marks Definition (PMD) files in Adobe InDesign, a major commercial desktop publishing software from Adobe Systems. A PMD file (.mrk) is a regular text file with a complex structured description of printer marks, their positions, and other relevant settings. Editable with a text editor, such files are placed into the "Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\PrintSpt" directory (Microsoft Windows), adding new entries in the Marks and Bleed panel.

CMS-MARK-WIN, Phoenix Contact's labeling software for industrial applications (Microsoft Windows), uses the .mrk extension for its markings files. A markings file (.mrk) contains a set of inscriptions and/or legend symbols arranged after a template, to be printed on cables, prefabricated label inserts, etc. made of different materials. CMS-MARK-WIN registers the .mrk file type and sets up its own association for it. Several sample markings files are included with the software (e.g., "Tutorial1.mrk").

The .mrk extension is also related to Brava! Enterprise, a commercial ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and collaboration software from OpenText Corp. Here, the .mrk file is a markup file that contains users' comments or redactions against a document served with Brava! Enterprise. Saved in the server's "Markups" directory, such markup files can be displayed with the document or permanently applied to it (burned in).

Additionally, the .mrk extension marks the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) text-based control files created by digital cameras. Modified through the camera's menu and saved on its memory card to be taken to a print shop, such files, namely "AUTPRINT.mrk" (auto-print file) and "AUTXFER.mrk" (auto-transfer file), define various print order parameters, including images to be printed, number of copies, orientation, paper size, etc.

Software to open or convert MRK files

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