MX6 File Extension

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What is the .MX6 file type?

The .mx6 file extension is associated with the proprietary Mixcraft Audio Project File (.mx6) file type used in Mixcraft, an audio recording platform developed by Acoustica. Available for Windows only, Mixcraft provides a comprehensive virtual studio equipped with a large collection of high-quality loops, virtual instruments, audio effects, and editing tools for DAW music production. Currently, Acoustica offers three Mixcraft variants to choose from: Mixcraft Pro Studio, Mixcraft Recording Studio, and Mixcraft Home Studio.

With Mixcraft, alphanumeric extensions like .mx6 are used to denote audio project files containing project-related data such as video and audio tracks, virtual instrument tracks, snap setting, etc. A .mx6 file is an audio project created in Mixcraft 6 (MX6), .mx7 - in Mixcraft 7 (MX7), .mx8 - in Mixcraft 8 (MX8). Such files are backward compatible only, that means .mx6 projects can be opened and resaved in MX7 and MX8 by clicking the File menu and choosing the Open Project command, but MX6 will not open .mx7 and .mx8 projects. All old versions of Mixcraft (v.1-7) are available for download on the official site of Acoustica.


Software to open or convert MX6 files

You can open MX6 files with the following programs:
Acoustica Mixcraft
Acoustica Mixcraft by Acoustica
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Movie Maker
Movie Maker by Microsoft Corporation

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