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What is the .NAS file type?

The primary association of the .nas filename extension belongs to the Nastran Input File (.nas) file type. It represents a text-based (ASCII) format for storing geometry, load, and constraints data for Nastran (NASA Structural Analysis) models built with the Finite Element Method (FEM). Nastran collectively refers to a series of proprietary Fortran-based software mainly developed by MSC Software Corp. on a contract from NASA.

A .nas file is a plain text file that contains a long list of grid elements, material description, definition of spatial constraints, and other data, making up a Nastran FEM model. NAS model files can be opened and modified directly in a text editor or imported into a FEM application. Currently, Nastran file formats (.bdf, .nas, .dat, and others) are supported, either through import or directly, by a range of Nastran versions and other FEM modeling software.

Besides, the .nas extension also stands for the Neuratron AudioScore Project (.nas) file type/format. Neuratron AudioScore is an advanced commercial music transcription software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X by Neuratron Ltd. that allows to generate full score notation from MIDI and waveform music performances. A .nas file is an AudioScore project file that stores all scores, tracks, and other relevant information in a private format. NAS files are meant for internal use with AudioScore, within which scores can be exported to a number of musical notation formats.

Another occurrence of the .nas extension relates to the Nasal Script File (.nas) file type. Nasal (Not Another Scripting Language) is a complete scripting language by A.Ross, incorporating ECMA Script (JavaScript) and Perl features as well as being object-oriented. Nasal is the native scripting engine integrated in the FlightGear open-source (GPL) advanced flight simulator. A .nas file is a regular text file listing Nasal source code that can be opened/changed in any text editor (syntax highlighting preferred).

The .nas extension also occurs in association with the Novell iChain Configuration File (.nas) file type. Novell iChain is a cross-platform integrated network proxy and authorization server by Novell, Inc. A .nas file is an ASCII list of iChain configuration statements supplemented by comments, serialized trusted roots and certificates, LDAP passwords, etc. NAS files are normally used by network administrators to back up and restore iChain server configurations, however, because of the sensitive nature of data stored in those files every .nas file must be safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Software to open or convert NAS files

You can open NAS files with the following programs:
Neuratron AudioScore Lite
Neuratron AudioScore Lite by Neuratron Ltd
Neuratron AudioScore Lite
Neuratron AudioScore Lite by Neuratron Limited
Tobii Studio
Tobii Studio by Tobii Technology AB

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