NBV File Extension

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What is the .NBV file type?

The .nbv filename extension represents the Nero BDMV Compilation (.nbv) file type and format, used by the well-known commercial optical media burning software Nero Burning ROM from Nero AG. Since version 10, Nero Burning ROM supports compiling and burning Blu-ray Disc Movie (BDMV) disks. BDMV is a High-Definition (HD) movie distribution format based on the Blu-ray Disc (BD) standard.

The .nbv file is a BDMV compilation created in Nero Burning ROM. The .nbv file itself does not hold any actual Blu-ray video or other data. Like other Nero compilation file types (.nrd, .nru, etc.), the .nbv file is a small binary file that holds references to external content (e.g., .m2ts files to be placed in the "\BDMV\STREAM\" directory, etc.) and stores project settings. Saved in Nero's proprietary format, such .nbv files can be used with the Nero software only.

During installation, Nero Burning ROM associates its compilation file types, including .nbv, to itself. A double-click on an .nbv file opens the BDMV compilation project in a new Nero Express window, allowing to add or remove content and burn the compilation onto a BD medium.

Software to open or convert NBV files

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