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What is the .NDR file type?

The .ndr filename extension belongs to the Nikon Capture Dust Off Reference File (.ndr) file type/format. It was used by earlier releases of Nikon's proprietary image manipulation and camera control software, initially known as Nikon Capture and later re-branded as Capture NX. Nikon Capture (Capture NX) incorporates the Image Dust Off feature to automatically remove artifacts caused by dust particles on the inner side of the camera's lens, requiring a reference photo taken against a light background.

In Nikon Capture 4.4 and earlier versions, such reference photos were saved as .ndr files. The .ndr file itself contains no image data, but rather serves as a pointer to the reference raw image. For the Dust Off feature to work, the reference photo (.ndr) must be taken before the target picture, yet after any lens cleaning procedures. Since Capture NX, a different extension (.ndf) is used for dust off reference files.

Standing for 'Nevrona Designs Report (NDR),' the .ndr extension is additionally associated with the RAVE Reports Report Snapshot (.ndr) file type/format. RAVE (Report Authoring Visual Environment) Reports is a set of report-generating components developed by Nevrona Designs for the popular Delphi (Embarcadero) programming platform. The .ndr file is a snapshot of a Rave Reports report, saved from the Preview screen using the "Save as..." button. NDR is a proprietary format, and .ndr reports can only be opened using RAVE Reports. Once saved, the .ndr file cannot be changed in any way and remains available only for viewing. As an alternative to its own NDR format, RAVE Reports allows to save reports as printer files (.prn) or export them as PDF or HTML.

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