NFO File Extension

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What is the .NFO file type?

The .nfo extension is most commonly found in plaintext information files included with all kind of files downloaded from the Internet, Usenet and P2P networks. Such .nfo files are plaintext and can be read on any platform.

NFO text files often contain exquisite ASCII art, which relies greatly upon a fixed-size font to be displayed properly.

There is a strong association between .nfo files and illegal pirated software 'releases' by various pirate (warez, or crack) groups. In such 'releases,' an .nfo file would serve the purpose of a combined read-me, ASCII art demo and a sort of press statement.

With computer piracy aside, in a more general sense an .nfo file should be treated as a 'read-me-first' information file readable with any text editor.

On Windows systems, the .nfo extension comes associated with Microsoft System Information Viewer (MS Info) by default. In this case, an .nfo file is an XML-based list of all system information gathered by MS Info.

Alternatively, the .nfo extension belongs to player data profiles created and used by Age of Empires, a real-time strategy (RTS) game by Microsoft.

The .nfo extension may also be associated with encrypted and compressed information databases (infobases) in the Folio Infobase format, generally requiring a key to read their contents. Such .nfo files cannot be viewed in a text editor.

Software to open or convert NFO files

You can open NFO files with the following programs:
GetDiz by Outertech
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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