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What is the .NSP file type?

The .nsp filename extension primarily serves to denote the NanoStudio Exported Project (.nsp) file type used by NanoStudio, a commercial audio sampler, sequencer, and synthesizer application developed by Blip Interactive Ltd. for several platforms (PC, Mac, iOS). The .nsp file represents an entire NanoStudio project, exported with all its settings, sample banks, presets (incl. global), etc. It is a self-contained ZIP archive created in NanoStudio using the "Export project..." feature. Besides the project file (.prj) itself, the .nsp archive contains all samples (.bnk) and presets (.sng, etc.) used in the project. Exported projects (.nsp) can be transferred between platforms to a different NanoStudio copy using Blip Interactive's utility named NanoSync or any file manager. User-made synthesizer presets and other NanoStudio content are commonly distributed as .nsp files.

As an abbreviation for 'Nord sample,' the .nsp extension is also used in association with the Nord Stage Piano Sample (.nsp, .npno) file type/format, with reference to the Nord Stage series of stage performance electronic piano instruments by Clavia DMI AB. Saved in Clavia's older proprietary format, the .nsp file contains a bank of samples used by earlier Nord Stage instruments. Such NSP files can be used with a compatible Nord Stage keyboard as well as opened by the Nord Sound Manager and Nord Sample Editor software (PC/Mac). Although all recent Nord keyboards use the newer .npno piano samples, the legacy NSP format is still used in the Nord factory recovery kits.

Another file type and format associated with the .nsp extension is the NVivo Server Project (.nsp). NVivo by QSR International Pty Ltd is an established proprietary qualitative data analysis (QDA) solution that comes in both server-based and standalone variants. Unlike standalone projects (.nvp, .nvpx), NVivo server projects are saved as .nsp files. Server projects (.nsp) are deployed on the NVivo Server for collaborative teamwork access. With some limitations, NVivo server projects (.nsp) can be copied from the server to become standalone, and vice versa. Both .nvp and .nsp are QSR's proprietary formats.

Software to open or convert NSP files

You can open NSP files with the following programs:
NVivo by QSR International Pty Ltd
QSR NVivo by QSR International Pty Ltd

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