NWI File Extension

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What is the .NWI file type?

The .nwi filename extension primarily represents the Nord Wave Manager Instrument Sample (.nwi) file type. It is associated with a proprietary waveform sample format once developed by Clavia DMI AB for their Nord Wave keyboard synthesizers. An .nwi file is a legacy Nord Wave Manager sample representing a waveform recording of a musical instrument. Such .nwi samples were used with the older Nord Wave synthesizers and could be uploaded to and downloaded from the device from/to a computer. NWI samples are generated from and named after Nord Wave projects (.nwiproj) and cannot be directly edited; to edit a sample, its .nwiproj file is required. With the release of the Nord Sound Manager replacing the older Nord Wave Manager, .nwi was superseded by the newer .nsmp sample format adopted as default for the Nord Sample library. All samples downloaded from a Nord Wave instrument are automatically assigned the .nwi (or .nsmp) extension.

Alternatively, the .nwi extension is used by the Navitel GPS navigation software developed by NAVITEL s.r.o. for multiple mobile platforms to denote one of its database file. The file is named "warns.nwi," it is located in the "GPS Tracks and Waypoints" subfolder of the Navitel's data directory (different on each platform) and stores compiled information about the locations of speedcams and other objects the driver is normally warned about. The "warns.nwi" file is automatically created or updated by the Navitel software.

Software to open or convert NWI files

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