ONE File Extension

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What is the .ONE file type?

The filename extension .one represents the Microsoft OneNote Document (.one) file type/format. Microsoft OneNote is a proprietary note-taking software from Microsoft Corp. for several platforms and mobile OS'es, also a part of Microsoft Office. Microsoft OneNote 2013 requires a Microsoft account to run.

The .one file is a Microsoft OneNote notebook document, a set of individual notes sectioned into tabs. Each note may contain within the same virtual space handwritten or typed text, images, web page portions, audio or video inserts. The .one file itself is a binary compound container for different types of data; the OneNote file format specification has been published by Microsoft in the scope of their Open Specifications initiative.

OneNote notebooks (.one) can be opened in Microsoft OneNote. From within OneNote, any note or notes can be exported in several formats (PDF, HTML, etc.) or shared through Microsoft's cloud service or on a local network. The .one file type is automatically associated with Microsoft OneNote, once it is installed. OneNote templates share the same file type (.one), and several are provided with OneNote.

Software to open or convert ONE files

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