Opening OPJ files

Have a problem opening a .OPJ file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what OPJ files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .OPJ file type?

The .opj filename extension has its primary association with the Origin Project (OPJ) file format and type. Origin is an advanced plotting, graphing and data-analysis application by OriginLab for MS Windows.

An .opj file is an Origin project file in the OPJ format. An OPJ file is a container that can hold multiple project components, including other document files, images, etc., in a directory structure. Contents of an .opj project can be explored and managed with the Project Explorer (PE) tool in Origin.

Besides Origin, .opj project files can be opened with the free Origin Viewer tool (OriginLab), or imported into other mathematical, plotting and other applications. Also, one can create files in the OPJ format, using the Orglab DLL component available from OriginLab.

The alternative association of the .opj extension belongs to the OrCAD Capture Project (OPJ) file type and format. OrCAD Capture is a well-established commercial printed-circuit board (PCB) design application developed and marketed by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. OrCAD Capture uses OPJ project files as virtual containers for schematic design files (.dsn).

An OrCAD .opj project file is an ASCII text-based file that holds references to all resource files included in the project. As a rule, an .opj project file must reside in the same directory with its resource files.

Software to open or convert OPJ files

You can open OPJ files with the following programs:
Origin by OriginLab Corporation
Origin8 by OriginLab

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