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What is the .OTR file type?

The .otr filename extension primarily represents the OMNITRACKER Record (.otr) file type used in the scope of OMNITRACKER, a commercial Service Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution (Microsoft Windows) by Omninet GmbH. A complete business process platform providing controllable interaction with customers, OMNITRACKER is used by large corporate entities in Germany and Europe. Within OMNITRACKER, the .otr file represents a reference to a specific OMNITRACKER data record. Such OTR record references can be shared by sending them as attachments in e-mail messages. The .otr files themselves contain no actual record data, instead they act as pointers to be used within the same OMNITRACKER environment. When a record reference (.otr) is received as an e-mail attachment, it can be opened to automatically retrieve the associated OMNITRACKER data record.

Another occurrence of the .otr extension has to do with Sqirlz Water Reflections, a small freeware Microsoft Windows application by xiberpix.com, capable of generating complex animated water reflection effects. Here, the .otr extension represents the Sqirlz Reflect File (.otr) file type registered and auto-associated by the software. In its own binary format, such an .otr file contains the outline data and reflection options such as ripple and ring customizations applied to the base image or movie. Reflect options and outlines (OTR) can be saved and loaded in the application's Reflect Options menu.

The .otr extension is additionally associated with the SAP Web IDE Fact Sheet OTR Dictionary (.otr) file type. SAP Web IDE is a commercial integrated environment targeted at developing applications for SAP platforms such as HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), etc. Here, the .otr file represents an Online Text Repository (OTR) dictionary generated against the associated annotation file (.anno). It is a text file with OTR records saved in the JSON format. The Fact Sheet Editor is used to work with fact sheet OTR dictionaries.

Software to open or convert OTR files

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