OVPN File Extension

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What is the .OVPN file type?

The .ovpn filename extension represents the OpenVPN Configuration File (.ovpn) file type. It is used in conjunction with OpenVPN, an open-source (GPL) implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity, taking advantage of the OpenSSL library with its robust SSL/TLS encryption. Developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. and OpenVPN community, OpenVPN is available on every major desktop and mobile OS. To set up VPN tunnels, OpenVPN uses .ovpn configuration files.

An .ovpn file is a regular text file in which configuration options for a connection to a VPN server are listed. Certificate (.crt) and key (.key) files may also be required to set up a VPN tunnel with OpenVPN. Many VPN servers that distribute their connection settings as .ovpn files include serialized server certificates and keys inside the .ovpn file.

OpenVPN configuration files (.ovpn) can also have the .conf extension, the default on many GNU/Linux systems such Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Both .ovpn and .conf files are created, viewed, and edited with a text editor. Usually, .ovpn (.conf) files contain verbose comments that explain configuration options and their use.

Software to open or convert OVPN files

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