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What is the .PAF file type?

The filename extension .paf is primarily associated with the Ensoniq PARIS Audio File (.paf) file type and a special digital audio file format developed by Ensoniq (later, E-mu Systems) for their Professional Audio Recording Integrated System (PARIS). PARIS was a now-obsolete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), once praised for its high-quality sound. A .paf file is a digital waveform audio saved in PARIS' native format that supports 24-bit sample depth, which was used by default for all sound samples in PARIS. PAF is not compatible with any other DAW format, and .paf files could be used in the PARIS environment only. After PARIS had been discontinued, the PAF format was documented thanks to community efforts, and its support implemented in certain multimedia players.

The .paf extension also represents the Personal Ancestral File Database (.paf) file type, with reference to the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) software. PAF was a cross-platform genealogy tool, provided as freeware by FamilySearch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until it was discontinued in July, 2013. Here, the .paf file is a Personal Ancestral File database in the application's native format. Such a file contains structured family records (a genealogy) accessible with PAF. Prior to version 3.0, Personal Ancestral File databases used a different format and were saved as "INDIV2.DAT" files. To exchange data with other genealogy applications, PAF databases could be directly exported to GEDCOM format.

Additionally, the .paf extension is known to denote the PortableApps Application (.paf.exe) file type which is used by the PortableApps open-source portable application platform. On Microsoft Windows, PortableApps application installers are denoted with a dual .paf.exe extension, while earlier versions used the .paf extension for the same purpose.

Software to open or convert PAF files

You can open PAF files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Final Media Player
Final Media Player by Bitberry Software
Winamp by l-rePack®

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