PDN File Extension

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What is the .PDN file type?

The PDN file extension is commonly associated with the Paint.NET application jointly developed by Washington State University and Microsoft Corporation. Paint.NET is a free photo editor designed for computers running Windows operating system.

PDN is a proprietary bitmap image format used by Paint.NET. It is based on a lossless compression scheme and records the pixel data as a gzip stream. PDN images feature layers support and transparency support.

Files containing the .pdn extension can be opened using Paint.NET or via special plugins for other popular photo editors. It is also possible to convert .pdn files into more common image formats like .jpg.

In addition, the .pdn extension also refers to the Portable Draughts Notation format used for saving draughts games. It is based on the Portable Game Notation (.pgn) format for chess games. A PDN file represents a text file storing data required for the draughts match.

The PDN (Polaroid Digital Negative) file format was also used in PDC Studio editing software designed for Polaroid digital cameras. In this case, .pdn images represent "electronic negatives" allowing users to create different variants of the same scene using the program's settings.

Software to open or convert PDN files

You can open PDN files with the following programs:
paint.net by dotPDN LLC

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