PK2 File Extension

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What is the .PK2 file type?

The .pk2 file extension is primarily associated with the Silkroad Online Game Data File (.pk2) file type and format used by Silkroad Online, a free fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by South Korean company Joymax and played throughout the world. The game is based on the confrontation of merchants, hunters, and thieves along the ancient Silk Road trading route linking Asia and Europe.

Silkroad Online PK2 files such as media.pk2, music.pk2, map.pk2, etc. are compressed and encrypted data containers storing graphics, sounds, textures, maps, and other components necessary to run the game. Such .pk2 files are not supposed to be opened or edited manually, however, one can find custom editors such as PK2 Extractor to unpack them.

Along the same line, the .pk2 file extension can also represent Quake II data files used by video games based on the Quake II game engine developed by id Software (Quake II, Heretic II, Soldier of Fortune, Daikatana, and others). Stored in the respective game directories, such .pk2 files are zipped archives containing maps, images, textures, audio clips, and other gameplay data. They can be opened using ZIP decompression programs.

In addition, the .pk2 file extension can also denote CAD files created in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express, a 3D CAD system from PTC. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express is a free version of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, it is intended for personal use and has limited functionality in comparison with the professional version. In this case, a .pk2 file is a design data file that can be opened and read in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express only. Pus, to prevent the commercial use of the software, its only export format is STL, so if users want to open .pk2 designs in other editors, they had to export them as .stl files with possible loss of some data.

Moreover, the .pk2 file extension is also used for Karaoke CD+G Creator documents created in Karaoke CD+G Creator, and advanced karaoke maker tool developed by Power Karaoke/Doblon. In this case, PK2 files are karaoke projects that can be opened, edited or converted to more popular formats like BIN in Karaoke CD+G Creator.

Software to open or convert PK2 files

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