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What is the .PLC file type?

Primarily, the .plc extension relates to the AIMP Playlist File (.plc) file type used with legacy versions of the AIMP audio player. AIMP is a multi-format music player and organizer for Microsoft Windows and Android that, besides its many advanced features, allows to create and open playlists.

With AIMP, a .plc file is a text-based playlist, in which audio files and their paths are listed in a certain sequence for playback. Recent versions of AIMP (3.20 and later) switched to a different playist format (.aimppl). Legacy playlist files (.plc) can be automatically converted into the new format by opening them in AIMP 3.20 Portable, in which case the converted playlists (.aimppl) will be saved in the "AIMP3\Profile\PLS" directory.

Besides, in relation to several versions of ArchiCAD (12 and earlier), the .plc extension is also associated with the ArchiCAD Teamwork Local Draft (PLC) file type and format. A leading architectural design system with integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities and teamwork support, ArchiCAD by GRAPHISOFT provides architects with state-of-the-art design, modeling, and visualization tools.

In ArchiCAD (<e;12), a .plc file is a personalized local draft copy of a single central project file, made for every participant working on a teamwork project with a reserved working area. Like other teamwork file types (.plp, .pca, .bpc), local .plc files can be opened as regular projects. Later ArchiCAD releases can open legacy .plc files, too.

In 3D modeling, the .plc extension may also denote the Piecewise Linear Complex Data (PLC) file type. A .plc file is a text file with a complete definition of a 2D or 3D shape, with points, segments, and faces. PLC files are usually meant to provide input for the DIR3 (Delaunay Incremental Refinement) meshing tool.

Lastly, the .plc extension can also be used with text-based PL/B source code files. Commercially developed and maintained by Sunbelt Computer Systems, PL/B is a platform-independent high-level programming language and runtime environment, mainly focused on string and text manipulation. In this context, a .plc file would contain source code of a PL/B program that can be compiled and run on any supported platform.

Software to open or convert PLC files

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