PPTM File Extension

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What is the .PPTM file type?

The .pptm filename extension represents the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation with Macros Enabled (PPTM) file type/format. PPTM belongs to the Office Open XML (OOXML) family of standardized office document formats developed by Microsoft (MS) and introduced in MS Office 2007. Like all OOXML formats, PPTM is an XML-based format inside a ZIP file container.

A .pptm file is a MS Office PowerPoint presentation. Except for macros that it contains, a .pptm file is the same as .pptx (MS Office PowerPoint presentation). A macro is a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) program, or script that can be used to automate actions inside MS Office.

When opening .pptm presentations in MS Office PowerPoint, one usually receives a security warning concerning the use of macros, with options to enable or disable them. To open .pptm files in legacy MS Office releases (before 2007), one has to install the free MS Office Compatibility Pack.

Apart from MS Office, PPTM and most of the other OOXML formats are relatively well supported by several independent office application packages (e.g., LibreOffice).

Software to open or convert PPTM files

You can open PPTM files with the following programs: 

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