PST File Extension

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What is the .PST file type?

The .pst extension is associated with the 'Personal Storage Table' (PST) proprietary file format and file type used by Microsoft (MS) Outlook, a messaging part of MS Office. MS Outlook would use a single PST file to store all user data within a particular POP3/IMAP/web-mail account, including folders, messages, attachments, calendar events, tasks etc.

A PST file functions like a database container with its internal indexing for faster access. Like with mailbox file types, any deleted messages are not instantly removed from a PST file and can be recovered until the PST file is compacted. PST can be protected with a password and/or encrypted.

In Windows Vista/7/8, user PST files are stored in the '\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook' directory by default. It is possible to define a custom path to store PST files, even on a removable volume.

In versions prior to MS Outlook 2003, size of any .pst file was limited to 2 Gb, which was known to cause severe performance and stability issues. In subsequent versions, the size limit is 20 Gb/file.

Software to open or convert PST files

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