RATDVD File Extension

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What is the .RATDVD file type?

Introduced by RatDVD, the verbose .ratdvd filename extension is bound up with the RatDVD Video File (RATDVD) format and file type. With "Rat" presumably standing for "Real Advanced Technology," RatDVD is a freeware proprietary video compression codec and a Microsoft Windows-based application. RatDVD allows to compress entire DVD's into smaller single-file containers, while keeping all DVD features, and restore the content back onto a DVD.

RatDVD uses its own lossy video compression codec loosely based upon H.262 ("XEB"), so there is a slight quality degradation resulting from compressing a DVD into a .ratdvd file. A .ratdvd file is digital video file in the RatDVD container format, containing a reproduction of a DVD in a much smaller size. RATDVD containers preserve all original DVD features, like menus, bonus tracks, etc.

RATDVD files can be played with almost any DirectShow-compatible media player on a Microsoft Windows computer (e.g., Windows Media Player). Playback of .ratdvd movies requires RatDVD to be installed and the .ratdvd file type registered in the system.

Software to open or convert RATDVD files

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