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What is the .REUTERS file type?

When used as a filename extension, the string of characters ".reuters" is most frequently encountered as part of the .reuters-chart extension tied up with the Kobra Chart File (.reuters-chart) file type and format, also known as MetaStock Chart File.

Thompson Reuters (TR) is a major news company with a special coverage of financial and stock markets. MetaStock chart files are used with the proprietary MetaStock/TR stock and commodity trading and monitoring software products (mainly MS Windows). In all recent MetaStock/TR software, the MetaStock format has replaced the earlier Reuters Graphics Object (RGO) format.

A .reuters-chart file is a graphical representation of stock or commodity trading dynamics for the selected RIC (Reuters Instrument Code) value in form of a timeline chart based on TR data feeds. MetaStock chart files use a proprietary binary format.

MetaStock charts can be opened, edited and saved with several MetaStock/TR software titles (e.g., Reuters 3000 Xtra). Such chart files (.reuters-chart) can be converted into several bitmap and vector image formats as well as inserted as images into office application documents.

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