Opening ROLF files

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What is the .ROLF file type?

Associated with the Relux Open Luminaire Format (ROLF), the filename extension .rolf denotes the ROLF Document (.rolf) file type. ROLF is an open format developed by Relux Informatik AG as a standard way to provide specifications of artificial light sources (luminaires) for their lighting simulation and design software, a freeware version of which is known as ReluxSuite.

Each .rolf file provides a complete specification of a luminaire, including its description, an embedded photographic picture, and extensive technical and photometric data. The file itself is an XML document in the UTF-16 encoding, internally sectioned to include different types of data. Apart from any Unicode-capable text editor used to view their XML code, ROLF files can be productively opened in ReluxSuite and other Relux software only. Once opened, the .rolf file adds a virtual model of its luminaire that can be used in a Relux lighting design or simulation. Since Relux software products are a de facto industry standard in lighting planning, many manufacturers of lighting appliances worldwide choose to provide ROLF specifications for their products.


Software to open or convert ROLF files

You can open ROLF files with the following programs:
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