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Have a problem opening a .RSS file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what RSS files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .RSS file type?

The RSS file extension is assigned to Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication files used for fast distribution of news and updated web content via RSS feeds. This technology allows users to aggregate information from different web sources in one reader.

The RSS file format is an upgraded version of the RDF Site Summary web feed format released in March 1999. Unlike RDF files that were designed just for sharing news, RSS documents provide a wider coverage. They are used to distribute various kinds of new content including video and audio.

Files with the .rss extension represent XML-formatted documents containing pre-established mandatory information (news titles, their full or summarized description, links to the corresponding RSS feeds) and optional elements (release date, name of the author, copyright information).

You can open an .rss document in an Internet browser providing a built-in feed reader. Another option is to download and install an aggregation client or a web-based reader designed specifically to collect, format and filter web feed subscriptions.

Software to open or convert RSS files

You can open RSS files with the following programs:
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail by Microsoft Corporation
Почта Windows Live
Почта Windows Live by Microsoft Corporation
Poczta usługi Windows Live
Poczta usługi Windows Live by Microsoft Corporation
Juice by Juice Team

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