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What is the .RTFX file type?

The .rtfx filename extension is one of the more recent inventions to denote Rich Text Format (RTF) documents packaged inside OPC ZIP containers. OPC stands for Open Packaging Convention and refers to a file format specification developed by Microsoft Corporation and generally known as Office Open XML. RTF is a general purpose word-processor document format, developed by Microsoft in the 90's and widely for document interchange and archiving purposes, with RTF support built-in in virtually all word-processing tools.

An .rtfx file is basically an RTF document inside a ZIP archive. The .rtfx file type may not be directly recognized by word-processing software, in which case it is best to manually extract the .rtf file from its .rtfx container and open it instead. However, being completely text-based, uncompressed RTF documents tend to take up substantially more disk space. The .rtfx extension was chosen for OPC-packaged RTF files despite their non-XML encoding, most probably, to retain similarity with other Office Open XML formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) and give a hint as to the container type.

Alternatively, the .rtfx extension is used to denote files that contain the text-based source code of visual effect or scene programs intended for the RTTraverser preprocessor of the nVidia Scene Management Engine (SceniX).

Software to open or convert RTFX files

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