Opening RVMAT files

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What is the .RVMAT file type?

The .rvmat file extension represents the Armed Assault Texture File (.rvmat) file type related to ArmA: Armed Assault, a highly realistic tactical PC shooter game from Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS) that simulates military conflicts on a fictional Atlantic island. Compiled by the game engine, .rvmat files are applied to individual ArmA models to specify their surface characteristics. Rvmat texture files work in concert with the corresponding map files to customize the models and form the desired look.

Working similarly to config files, RVMAT files contain material definitions allowing players to modify the texture parameters of ArmA models, including their color details, glossiness, lighting, shading, and light reflection properties. Such files are often created by the Armed Assault community members for modding purposes and can't be used elsewhere outside of the source game. RVMAT files are usually saved as plain text and thus can be opened with a regular text file editor, preferably the one that supports the syntax highlighting option (EditPadPro, Notepad++). Binary .rvmat files can be opened with the Eliteness tool for further edits.


Software to open or convert RVMAT files

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