RVT File Extension

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What is the .RVT file type?

The .rvt extension is associated with project files used in the Revit Architecture software developed by Autodesk. RVT files are used to fully render 3D views in design projects. They contain various building modeling data: images, plans, sections, project settings, etc.

The RVT format is a proprietary one, and RVT files can only be opened using the Autodesk Revit software, which is available for Windows OS.

Apart from that, the .rvt extension is associated with several media applications developed by IMC Technologies Inc., including apps for video and audio production. The RVT files include Incite assistant data and can be used in various products: Sports Instant Ingest, Incite MAM, Incite Disk Archive, and others.

Alternatively, the .rvt extension represents an obsolete file format used by VersaPro, a programming software for Windows. VersaPro is a no longer supported software product developed by General Electric used to program controller logic. Here RVT stands for Reference View Table, as .rvt files stored reference view table data.

The .rvt extension can also represent files used by the IEX Workforce Management application developed by NICE Systems and designed to enhance efficiency of call centers.

User can export reports from IEX Workforce Management to get .rvt files containing data on schedules and billable time spent by workers.

Software to open or convert RVT files

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