Opening SDLTM files

Have a problem opening a .SDLTM file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what SDLTM files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .SDLTM file type?

The filename extension .sdltm represents the SDL Trados Studio Translation Memory (.sdltm) file type, one of the several file types (.sdltb, .sdlproj, etc.) that are specific to SDL Trados Studio. SDL Trados Studio is a commercial CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) solution developed by SDL International for Microsoft Windows. Like other CAT software, SDL Trados Studio enables translators to use translation memories as one of the keystones of the CAT workflow.

SDL Trados Studio uses its own file format (.sdltm) to store translation memories, which are database-like structures containing segments of the original text matched with their target-language equivalents, often on a one-to-many basis to support fuzzy suggestions. In SDL Trados Studio, translation memories (.sdltm) are commonly used with term bases (.sdltb) and bilingual documents (.sdlxliff). Inside, each .sdltm file is an SQLite database. Such SDLTM files can be used with SDL Trados Studio only, unless first converted to the standard TMX format. SDLTM and TMX are not compatible, but conversion is possible both with or without SDL Trados Studio, thanks to several existing converters.


Software to open or convert SDLTM files

You can open SDLTM files with the following programs: 

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