Opening SET files

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What is the .SET file type?

The .set filename extension is primarily associated with the generic Settings File (SET) file type. This extension is usually assigned to files that hold various settings and preferences for operating systems, applications, games, hardware devices, etc.

SET files are used by many applications, and can come in multiple formats, both text-based and binary, the .set extension pointing out to the file's function, rather than its format. Settings files (.set) are loaded at start, and any data held in them provide initialization, or default configuration values. In that sense, .set files are similar to .ini files.

Generally, SET files are not meant to be directly viewed/edited by the user, however, in some cases a quick-and-dirty direct edit of a .set file can be quite advantageous.

With reference to the proprietary Nikon Scan software used with a selection of Nikon photo-film scanners, the .set extension denotes Nikon Scan settings files. Such .set files store custom scanning profiles, usually created per each film type/make scanned. A profile includes resolution, gamma, grain reduction, image enhancement, and other settings that can be exported to (imported from) a .set file.

Besides, the .set extension is also associated with the Cakewalk SONAR X2/X3 Playlist (SET) file type/format. SONAR is a complete commercial musical studio solution by Cakewalk that uses .set files to store playlists of SONAR song items (Cakewalk project files, .cwp), MIDI and other files, all arranged for playback in an ordered sequence. Cakewalk playlist files (.set) are handled through the Play List panel in SONAR.

Besides, the .set extension also serves to denote the Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary (SET) file type/format. Alpha Five by Alpha Software, being a cross-platform relational database management system (RDBMS), and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool, uses .set files to store data dictionaries for sets (logically related tables). SET files are normally used together with other set-related files (.sem and .sex).

In the area of online currency trading (forex, foreign exchange), the .set extension is used to label text-based files that contain input data for so-called forex advisors (automated forex trading tools). A .set file contains a series of variables with their respective values; data inside a .set file are obtained as the result of trading strategy optimization per currency pair, time frame, etc.

Software to open or convert SET files

You can open SET files with the following programs:
Capture NX
Capture NX by Nikon Corporation
SONAR Platinum
SONAR Platinum by Cakewalk, Inc.

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