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What is the .SF file type?

The main association of the .sf extension belongs to the IRCAM Sound File Format (SF file type) developed and introduced by the French Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music (IRCAM). IRCAM conducts scientific research in the field of music and acoustics in general and maintains a very large multimedia music library. The initial IRCAM format became part of the later BICSF (Berkeley/IRCAM/Carl Sound Format).

An .sf file is a binary file that contains a compressed digital audio recording in the IRCAM (BICSF) format. The file's header holds file-specific format codes (integer or floating-point, A-law or u-law encoding, bit depth, etc.).

Although less widespread, SF audio files are generally supported by several media players across different platforms. With the use of converter tools, such files can also be converted into other audio formats.

In relation to Java, the .sf extension belongs to the Signature File (SF) file type and is used to identify Java digital signature files. An SF file contains a digest (hash) computed for the contents of a Java application archive (JAR) and is placed in the META-INF directory, serving as an integrity check means.

In connection with the established VMware virtualization platform, the .sf extension is used to mark plaintext metadata (log) files. Such .sf metadata files are created/updated by VMware server software during creation/update of virtual machine snapshots.

With Argus Valuation - DCF—a commercial appraisal and cash flow projection/analysis software product by Argus Software—the .sf extension belongs to the Valuation - DCF Data (SF) file type/format. Such .sf files contain DCF (discounted cash flow) assets analysis data.

Referring to the Audition 2 online dancing game, the .sf extension is used to label game data files. Such SF files are encrypted archives that contain images, sounds and other game resource data.

Software to open or convert SF files

You can open SF files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Winamp by l-rePack®
ClassicPro© by Skin Consortium

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