SFXV File Extension

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What is the .SFXV file type?

An abbreviation of 'SelF-eXtracting (SFX) Volume,' the filename extension .sfxv represents the HaoZip Multi Volume Archive (.sfxv) file type. This file type is associated with a compressed format used by the HaoZip archive management utility developed by Ruichuang Network Technology Co.,Ltd for Microsoft Windows and released as freeware.

An .sfxv file is a single volume of a special type of archive in which data are split across several volumes. Such .sfxv volumes are generated by HaoZip when creating a new multi-volume self-extracting (SFX) archive using the 7z compression option, selectable in the archive creation window. Regular multi-volume 7z archives created by HaoZip with the SFX option left blank use a different extension like .7z.019 for their volumes where .019 denotes the volume number in the sequence. Any individual .sfxv volume can be directly opened in HaoZip to give a full list of the archive's contents, yet for successful extraction of the data, availability of all of the archive's volumes is required. Apart from the self-extraction capability, SFXV volumes can be opened or processed by HaoZip only.


Software to open or convert SFXV files

You can open SFXV files with the following programs:
HaoZip by HaoZip Software Studio
2345好压 by 2345.com
HaoZip by Ruichuang Network Technology Co.,Ltd
HaoZip by 2345.com

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