SH3T File Extension

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What is the .SH3T file type?

The filename extension .sh3t belongs to the Sweet Home 3D Texture Library (.sh3t) file type associated with Sweet Home 3D, a free and open Java-based three-dimensional interior design application developed by eTeks. To make designing custom interiors or house planning easier, Sweet Home 3D supports libraries of ready-made furniture items and textures. An .sh3t file is a Sweet Home 3D texture library. It is a normal ZIP archive with a number of bitmap texture images (.jpg) and localization data (.properties) inside that can be imported to add new textures in Sweet Home 3D. As an alternative to importing, texture libraries (.sh3t) can be simply copied to the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\eTeks\Sweet Home 3D\textures" folder (Microsoft Windows) to be seen by the program. Texture libraries (.sh3t) can be created, edited, and localized using the Textures Library Editor provided by eTeks. Furniture libraries (.sh3f) are quite similar to texture libraries (.sh3t), only they contain furniture item models instead of textures.

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