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What is the .SIM file type?

The primary association of the .sim filename extension belongs to the Saved The Sims Character (SIM) file type/format with reference to The Sims, a series of life simulation games by Electronic Arts (EA).

A .sim file represents an entire The Sims character that can be loaded and used in one of The Sims games. Internally, SIM files use the DBPF (Database-Packed File) format, a proprietary EA container format for storing game data. SIM files allow to share and load custom characters and include them into a simulation. SIM characters can be created with the Create-a-sim tool.

To be recognized by the game, the version of a .sim file must match the game's version and be located in a specific directory. In The Sims 3, for example, .sim files are to be placed into the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims" directory.

Additionally, the .sim extension represents the SAP Tutor Simulation (.sim) file type and format. A well-known business intelligence and data mining framework, SAP offers its users several learning opportunities that include SAP Tutor. SAP Tutor is a Microsoft Windows-oriented technology to author and deliver custom tutorials (.sim) for SAP users to train themselves on the workflow.

A .sim file is a SAP Tutor tutorial, a pre-recorded interactive learning sequence saved in the proprietary SIM format. SIM tutorials can be played with SAP Tutor Player in demo, interactive, and assessment modes. SAP Tutor relies on the Microsoft Agent and Microsoft Text-to-speech technologies.

Standing for 'Simulation,' the .sim extension is also commonly used in association with various simulation files. A simulation is a software-driven model of an object, process, or a dynamic system, created and run to conduct experiments, test operating conditions, or improve design.

Simulations are often used in electronic engineering, physics, hydro- and aerodynamics, etc. A generic .sim file would present a definition of a simulated object or process, often in a plaintext format. SIM files produced by different software may use a range of text-based and binary formats.

Apart from that, the .sim extension is used with Intel's VTune Performance Analyzer, a powerful commercial tool to track software performance issues. VT Performance Analyzer uses .sim files to save simulated run conditions.

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