SKR File Extension

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What is the .SKR file type?

The .skr filename extension denotes the PGP Secret Keyring (.skr) file type/format. It is used by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), a well-known asymmetric cryptography solution based on the use of public and secret keys. Formerly free, PGP is now owned by Symantec Corporation and distributed commercially. Besides Symantec's paid products, a number of older and/or alternative cryptography application incorporate the PGP functionality.

PGP stores its secret keys in the "secring.skr" file located either in the PGP installation directory or the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\PGP" folder. The "secring.skr" file contains all secret keys that have been generated, with public keys stored in the "pubring.pkr" file. Keys in the "secring.skr" and "pubring.pkr" files are used by PGP (or other PGP-compliant software) for on-the-fly encryption/decryption of e-mails, files, etc. Since the "secring.skr" file contains very sensitive information (secret keys), it must be protected from unauthorized access as well as securely backed up. Without the "secring.skr" file, no incoming encrypted correspondence or files can possibly be decrypted.


Software to open or convert SKR files

You can open SKR files with the following programs:
Symantec Encryption Desktop
Symantec Encryption Desktop by Symantec Corporation
PGP Desktop
PGP Desktop by PGP Corporation

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