SMC File Extension

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What is the .SMC file type?

The .smc extension is related to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), a very popular hardware video gaming console marketed by Nintendo in 1990's. SNES was a 16-bit console with two controllers, 16-bit sound and graphics DSP's (Digital Signal Processor). SNES games were distributed as hardware ROM (Read-Only Memory) cartridges.

An .smc file is an exact digital copy of an original cartridge's ROM, a virtual game cartridge. SMC files are intended to be used with SNES software emulators that provide exact or almost-exact emulation of the SNES architecture. There are several well-established SNES emulators available for a number of desktop and mobile platforms.

An .smc game image can be used with an emulator to play a SNES game without having the actual console. Nintendo still holds all rights for all SNES game software, even if the console itself is long deprecated, so modification and distribution of SMC ROM images may be illegal. Despite this, such images are readily available for download at many locations on the Internet.

Software to open or convert SMC files

You can open SMC files with the following programs:
WinDS PRO Apps
WinDS PRO Apps by WinDS PRO Central
SMC Karaoke Manager
Solibri Model Viewer
Solibri Model Viewer by Solibri, Inc.
WinDS PRO Apps
WinDS PRO Apps by WinDS PRO

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