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What is the .SMF file type?

The filename extension .smf primarily denotes the StarOffice Math 5.0 Formula (.smf) file type. Here, an .smf file is a data file in a binary format that was used to save mathematical formulas created with StarOffice Math 5.0, a dedicated formula editor included in the discontinued office suite StarOffice by Sun Microsystems. StarOffice has become the base for Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and other open-source office suites. Currently, .smf formula files can only be opened or imported using the Math component in older OpenOffice/LibreOffice versions (3.4.0 and earlier). Current OpenOffice/LibreOffice versions dropped support of StarOffice Math 5.0 formulas (.smf) format in favor of the new OpenDocument Formula (.odf) format.

Besides, the .smf extension is used in association with the Standard MIDI File (SMF) format, designed as a standard way to exchange MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) data as files. The standard extension for SMF files is .mid (also, .midi), although .smf is occasionally used to denote such files as well. For all practical purposes, the .smf file is the same as .mid. It contains a sequence of timestamped, pre-programmed MIDI events such as note playback or special effect instructions, channel changes, etc. Standard MIDI files (.mid, .smf) can generally be opened and played by all MIDI-compatible instruments and software.

Another file type associated with the .smf extension is SIGMA DATA CENTER Memory File (.smf). Such files (.smf) are created by the proprietary SIGMA DATA CENTER software (SIGMA SPORT Vertriebs GmbH) when retrieving data from SIGMA portable training devices such as SIGMA ROX 9.0. A SIGMA memory file (.smf) represents one training session recorded by a SIGMA device and manually closed before synchronizing the device with SIGMA DATA CENTER using a docking station. In a private binary format, the file stores routes, tracks, workout, and other data associated with a given training session. Once installed, SIGMA DATA CENTER associates itself with the .smf file type.

The .smf extension also stands for the Serif Metafile Format (SMF), a proprietary file format developed by Serif to enable exchange of graphical data between Serif commercial creative applications such as WebPlus, PagePlus, or DrawPlus. Similar to Windows Metafile (WMF), an .smf file contains an encoded lossless representation of a bitmap and/or vector image saved in Serif's native internal format. Such SMF metafiles can be opened or imported using Serif software only.

Additionally, the .smf extension represents the Spicer Document (.smf) file type associated with a proprietary file format developed by Spicer Corp. for Imagenation, their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for Microsoft Windows. An .smf file is a multi-page document that can contain a number of independent yet interrelated raster, 2D/3D CAD, or text layers in different formats supported by Imagenation. Such .smf documents can only be opened using Imagenation.

In the context of Autodesk's powerful commercial 3D modeling and design tool Autodesk 3ds Max, the .smf extension denotes the Autodesk Shared Motion Flow (.smf) file type and format. The SMF format is used to store the description of motions assigned to several cloned bipedal models that are animated in Autodesk 3ds Max.

Altera Corporation's SOPC (System On a Programmable Chip) design tool Quartus II uses the .smf extension to denote the State Machine File (.smf) file type. Such an .smf file is an ASCII text document that describes state machines created with the State Machine Editor in Quartus II. State machine descriptions (.smf) can be converted to Verilog (.v) and VHDL (.vhd) design files.

SkinMagic, a discontinued paid C/C++ GUI theming library by Appspeed Software, used the .smf extension for its SkinMagic File (.smf) file type/format. In a binary format, an .smf file would store the data (bitmaps, GUI element assignments, etc.) of a SkinMagic GUI theme, or skin. Such .smf skins could be directly opened using the SkinMagicBuilder tool included in the SkinMagic distribution.

Software to open or convert SMF files

You can open SMF files with the following programs:
SONAR Platinum
SONAR Platinum by Cakewalk, Inc.
Sigma Data Center
Sigma Data Center by Sigma Elektro GmbH

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