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Have a problem opening a .SMP file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what SMP files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .SMP file type?

The key association of the .smp filename extension belongs to the Turtle Beach SampleVision Sample (.smp) file type and format, native to SampleVision, a legacy software sampler from Turtle Beach Systems. The .smp file is a digital audio file in SampleVision's SMP format that allowed only 16-bit mono sound and provided support for loops. It is supported by several sound editors that can still open and use .smp samples directly, converting their audio data automatically if needed.

The .smp extension also denotes the SmartMusic Performance (.smp) file type and format, formerly referred to as SmartMusic Public Accompaniment. SmartMusic is a subscription-based interactive music teaching software developed by MakeMusic. The .smp file is a SmartMusic performance that combines both MIDI sequences and score notation and is usually authored in MakeMusic's notation editor Finale. SMP performances are designed to let music students practice, assess their skills as they play along, and aid orchestra players.

Referring to the Reason NN-19 Digital Sampler device used with the Reason digital audio workstation (Propellerhead Software), the .smp extension stands for the NN-19 Sampler Patch (.smp) file type/format. Here, the .smp file is a NN-19 instrument patch that binds several sound samples across a MIDI keyboard and stores front-panel control settings. Loading a patch (.smp), e.g. from the Reason Factory Sound Bank, is equivalent to changing an instrument. NN-19 patches (.smp) are mainly distributed in so-called refill archives (.rfl).

In Ulead (now, Corel) PhotoImpact, a discontinued raster/vector graphics editor from Ulead Systems (Corel Corp.), the .smp extension denotes the PhotoImpact Gallery (.smp) file type and format. A gallery file (.smp) represents a collection of presets exported for sharing, with all referenced bitmap images saved in a separate directory. In PhotoImpact, galleries are managed from the EasyPalette panel. By default, exported gallery files (.smp) are saved into the "My Easy Palette" folder under "My Documents" (Windows XP).

Besides, the .smp extension represents the IDRISI Color Palette (.smp) file type, part of the IDRISI Raster Format (RST) developed by Clark Labs for their IDRISI GIS software. Here, the .smp extension is assigned to binary files containing color table data, while ASCII palettes are saved with the .pal extension. IDRISI images (.rst) and their color palettes (.smp, .pal) can be imported in other GIS such as ArcGIS (9.3.1 and later).

Additionally, the .smp extension has to do with the SLIM-Suite project management system from Quantitative Software Management (QSM). Here, it represents the SLIM-Metrics Project Database (.smp) file type and format used by SLIM-Metrics, part of the SLIM-Suite. Such .smp files are databases that store project metrics. They can be opened in SLIM-Metrics and SLIM-DataManager. SLIM-Suite 8.x uses a different version of the SMP format, incompatible with SLIM-Suite 7.x.

SWF & FLV Player, Eltima Software's utility for playing Adobe Flash content on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, uses the .smp extension to denote its playlist files. Such a playlist (.smp) is a normal text file with a list of full paths and/or URL's to Adobe Flash objects, to be played in sequence. SWF & FLV Player registers the .smp file type and sets up itself as its handler.

The .smp extension was also chosen to represent microscope sample files for the Digital Blue (formerly, Intel) consumer QX3 digital microscopes. In a proprietary format, the .smp file stores a raster image obtained from the QX3 microscope's CMOS sensor. The QX3 software allows to individually export such SMP images into standard bitmap formats.

In mass-spectrometry, the .smp filename suffix designates the LECO ChromaTOF-HRT Sample Data (.smp) file type/format. SMP is a proprietary format used by the LECO ChromaTOF HRT mass spectrometry software (LECO Corp.) to export spectrum scan data obtained from LECO's Pegasus III or Citius instruments. Such files can be read and processed with LECO's software only.

The .smp extension also represents the legacy Xionics SMP raster image format. Here, the .smp file is a 1-bit uncompressed or compressed (packbits, CCITT G3/G4) raster image. The SMP format is still supported by several image viewers, editors, and converters.

Another instance of the .smp filename suffix, in the form of the "beam.smp" file, relates to CouchDB, an open source Apache-based web application server. The "beam.smp" file is the main CouchDB executable optimized for Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP). It is usually started through an environment-setting shell script.

Software to open or convert SMP files

You can open SMP files with the following programs:
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Reason by Propellerhead Software AB
SWF & FLV Player 3.0 (build)
SWF & FLV Player 3.0 (build) by Eltima Software

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