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What is the .SMX file type?

The .smx filename extension is primarily associated with the STATISTICA Matrix Spreadsheet (.smx) file type used by STATISTICA, versatile commercial statistical and data analysis software by StatSoft Inc. In STATISTICA, all data is organized in spreadsheets, while some spreadsheets may also include matrix data coming from the results of several analysis types (e.g., Canonical Analysis, Distributions & Simulation, etc.). To distinguish them from regular STATISTICA files (.sta), such matrix spreadsheets are automatically saved using the .smx extension. Matrix spreadsheets (.smx) provide input for other types of analyses, e.g. Multidimensional Scaling, and can be opened in STATISTICA the same way as regular spreadsheets. STATISTICA registers the .smx file type and associates it to itself.

In multiplayer online gaming, the .smx extension is known thanks to the SourceMod engine widely used to extend features of Source or OrangeBox-based gaming servers running CounterStike, Half-Life 2:DeathMatch, Team Fortress 2, etc. Here, an .smx file is a binary data file that represents a compiled SourceMod plugin. SourceMod plugins serve to extend SourceMod itself and are compiled from text-based source code files (.sp) using the compiler included in the SourceMod package or the SourceMod online compiler service. Once compiled, the .smx file is placed into the "..\addons\sourcemod\plugins" server directory, to be picked up by the server at launch.

SmartMusic XML File (.smx) is another file type associated with the .smx extension. SmartMusic by MakeMusic Inc. is commercial software for teaching music and assessing student skills designed to work closely with Finale, the same company's premium music authoring software. The .smx file is an XML version of a SmartMusic accompaniment (.smp) created in one of the previous versions of Finale (2006 through 2012). Since Finale 2014, SmartMusic accompaniments use a different XML format and are saved as .smpx files.

Additionally, the .smx extension also denotes the SysMetrix Theme (.smx) file type associated with SysMetrix, a freeware Microsoft Windows docklet application by Xymantix (N. Decker) that displays various system information (incl. an analog clock) in a visually attractive and customizable way. To style its appearance, SysMetrix uses skins, or themes (.smx). The .smx file is a regular ZIP archive containing the theme's bitmap images (.bmp), sounds (.wav), and the theme configuration file ("SysMetrix.ini"). SysMetrix themes (.smx) are available for downloading from several Windows interface customization sites.

With reference to Radiance, open-source ray-tracing software for UNIX-like OS'es by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the .smx extension is conventionally used to denote sky matrix files. A sky matrix (.smx) file contains a collection of so-called sky vectors (irradiation charts of the visible sky) for each hour of the year (8760 in total). Generated from DAYSIM's .wea format using the "gendaymtx" tools, such sky matrices (.smx) are used in Radiance to calculate the amount of irradiation and simulate different lighting conditions.

Software to open or convert SMX files

You can open SMX files with the following programs:
SmartMusic by MakeMusic, Inc.
STATISTICA by StatSoft, Inc.
SysMetrix by Xymantix

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