SSPR File Extension

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What is the .SSPR file type?

Apparently standing for 'Slide Show Project,' the .sspr filename extension represents the ArcSoft MediaImpression Slide Show Project (.sspr) file type. MediaImpression is the name of a discontinued commercial multimedia authoring application (Microsoft Windows/Apple Mac OS X) by ArcSoft, Inc. MediaImpression slide show projects are represented by individual .sspr files. Each .sspr file is a regular XML document in which all the contents of the slide show (images, video, transitions, effects, and so on) are defined in detail.

On the attempt to save a previously unsaved MediaImpression slide show, the user is prompted to choose the name and location for the project's .sspr file. The saved .sspr file represents the entire slide show in its current, unproduced state. Later, it can be loaded in MediaImpression for additional editing and re-saving. The .sspr file does not contain any physical multimedia data, providing only pathname references to external images and audio/video clip files. To actually view the slide show outside MediaImpression, the .sspr project must be produced into a DVD or another standard format.


Software to open or convert SSPR files

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