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What is the .STR file type?

The filename extension .str has its primary association with the Sony PlayStation Video Stream (.str) file type and format, with reference to the Sony PlayStation (PS) gaming platform by Sony Computer Entertainment. Located in the "movies" directory of a PS game DVD, such .str files cover all movie content of the game such as intros, intermissions, and other plot-driven inserts. Each .str file represents an encoded video stream that gets decoded and played during gameplay when cued by the game's scenario. Several unofficial tools allow to directly play such .str videos on a PC as well as convert them to standard container formats such as .avi.

Besides, the .str extension denotes the STATISTICA Report (.str) file type and format used by STATISTICA, a major software package for statistical data analysis from StatSoft (Dell Software). The .str file is a STATISTICA data analysis report. It is an ActiveX container that combines data objects, graphics, and text in a word-processor style—all saved in StatSoft's proprietary format (STR). STATISTICA uses STR by default, although an option exists to save reports as RTF with certain limitations instead.

Another occurrence of the .str extension has to do with the Surpac String File (.str) file type and format used by GEOVIA Surpac, a geological survey and planning application (e.g., for quarries, open-land mining, etc.) from Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA. Here, the .str file defines a terrain feature represented through a series of coordinates that translate into a polygonal or curved line. String (.str) files can be imported in GEOVIA Surpac as individual layers and serve as the basis for Digital Terrain Models (DTM).

X-Plane, an advanced multi-platform flight simulator from Laminar Research, uses the .str extension for its Object String (.str) file type. An object string in X-Plane is a series of identical objects placed along a curve; usually such object strings (.str) are used to delimit airport taxiways. The .str file is a text file in which objects and their path are defined using sets of coordinates. Object string (.str) files can be modified in any text editor.

The .str extension can also be encountered in DRM-protected (encrypted) multimedia files created by Sky+/Sky+HD set top boxes (STB) which have a wide user base in the UK. Each .str file is a custom-wrapped and encrypted MPEG-TS stream. There are tools that allow to extract such .str files from Sky+/Sky+HD hard drives and decrypt them for personal use, subject to availability of an active/valid Sky smartcard.

The .str extension is also assigned to language resource files (.str) that are used by the paid guitar tablature editor TablEdit, developed for multiple platforms by M.Leschemelle et al. A TablEdit language resource (.str) file is a regular text file through which TablEdit's GUI is translated to another language. A number of pre-made .str files shipped with TablEdit enable it to support a dozen languages out-of-the-box, and new .str files can be written.

A short for "structure," the .str extension denotes the SAP Database Table/Index Structure (.str) file type/format used for database/OS migration purposes in SAP, an established business intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from SAP SE. Generated by the R3ldctl tool against an existing database, the .str file defines a structural synopsis of its tables and indexes. Along with database template (.tpl) files also generated by R3ldctl, the .str files are used as input for the R3load tool to migrate the actual database data to a different database or operating system.

Abbreviated from "string," the .str extension is additionally used as a generic marker for various string files, containing pre-defined text strings, string dictionaries, or substitution and other processing rules for text strings. Used by many applications for different purposes, such .str files are predominantly plain-text and as such can be opened and modified in any text editor.

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