Opening STV files

Have a problem opening a .STV file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what STV files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .STV file type?

A short for SageTV, the .stv extension is primarily associated with the SageTV Application Package File (STV) file type and format. SageTV is a PC-based (MS Windows) home entertainment system that allows to integrate different sources of multimedia content in a single interface. SageTV is most popular as a means of watching streamed TV channels over IP-networks.

SageTV allows to customize its user interface. For that purpose, STV files are used. A SageTV .stv file is a plaintext file that defines custom user interface features, or even a completely different interface. STV files can be thought of as themes or skins.

In fact, STV is the older SageTV 'theme' format, replaced with the newer XML-based format (files with the generic .xml extension). Most STV customizations (.stv and .xml) are meant to be used with SageMC, a custom user-developed skin and a great improvement over the default SageTV interface.

Besides, the .stv extension has been long used in astrophotography, denoting the image format of SBIG STV digital cameras and telescope appliances. Introduced by Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG), the STV image format uses TIFF-like lossless compression to save images of sky objects. As a rule, STV images are saved in series to be combined (stacked) and digitally post-processed later to enhance the resulting image quality.

The .stv extension is also used to identify plaintext files with human body movement data obtained in experiments in the scope of Neuromouv, a French neurophysiology research project (University of Paris).

Software to open or convert STV files

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