SXE File Extension

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What is the .SXE file type?

The .sxe filename extension belongs to the ProfiCAD Drawing (SXE) file format/type. A multilingual .NET application for MS Windows, ProfiCAD is a quality commercial CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tool, mainly focused on electrical engineering. ProfiCAD comes with a large store of symbols and provides an assortment of advanced features, like generation of netlists and bills of materials, display of striped wires, and others.

An .sxe file is a ProfiCAD drawing. It is usually a representation of an electrical schematic with various interconnected electrical component symbols. Any drawing created with ProfiCAD is saved as an .sxe file. SXE is a proprietary format, and .sxe drawings are meant to be opened and otherwise used with ProfiCAD only.

ProfiCAD comes with several drawing templates, located in the ProfiCAD samples directory (e.g., "C:\Users\Public\Documents\ProfiCAD Samples"). Following the instructions and using the "proficad2dxf.exe" utility provided with ProfiCAD, SXE drawings can be exported to the DXF/DWG (Autodesk AutoCAD 2007) format. ProfiCAD also maintains a free online converter for the same task.

Software to open or convert SXE files

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