Opening SXI files

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What is the .SXI file type?

The .sxi filename extension represents the 1.x Impress Presentation (.sxi) file type, with reference to a family of legacy XML file formats that were used for saving documents in OpenOffice 1.x. Apache OpenOffice (OO) is the name of an open and free office productivity suite developed by the Apache Software Foundation. In OpenOffice and its derivatives such as LibreOffice, presentations are handled by the Impress component.

An .sxi file is an OpenOffice 1.x Impress presentation. It is a regular ZIP archive containing the presentation's XML files and other resources such as bitmap graphics. Besides Impress, legacy OpenOffice 1.x presentations (.sxi) can be directly opened in several other presentation editors, while saving .sxi files is possible in OpenOffice/LibreOffice up to version 3.4.1. Once opened, an .sxi presentation can be re-saved as an ODF (.odp, etc.) or Office Open XML (.pptx) document or exported to several other formats. Since OpenOffice 2.0, a different family of file formats named OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) is adopted for all types of documents by default.


Software to open or convert SXI files

You can open SXI files with the following programs:
LibreOffice by The Document Foundation
SOFFICE Installer Installer by Sun Microsystems

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