Opening SXW files

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What is the .SXW file type?

The .sxw filename extension denotes the 1.x XML Text Document (.sxw) file type associated with the open-source office productivity suite Apache OpenOffice (formerly, or just OpenOffice) and its later fork LibreOffice. Maintained by the Apache Software Foundation and initially based upon StarOffice by Sun Microsystems, Apache OpenOffice (AOO) offers a versatile package of standard office features that include processing, spreadsheets, databasing, vector drawing, etc.

An .sxw file is an OpenOffice 1.x text document, saved using the Sun XML Writer (SXW) XML-based format. Such documents were created by and intended for the OpenOffice 1.x Writer word processor. In OpenOffice 2.0, SXW and other legacy OpenOffice 1.x formats were deprecated in favor of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard (.odt, etc.), with no direct compatibility between them. To open an .sxw document (and convert it to .odt or another format), one has to use OpenOffice 3.x or earlier, as the support for the legacy OpenOffice 1.x formats has been dropped in version 4. LibreOffice, on the other hand, continues to support .sxw and related legacy formats for reading.


Software to open or convert SXW files

You can open SXW files with the following programs:
LibreOffice by The Document Foundation
Yandex by ООО «ЯНДЕКС»

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