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What is the .TLT file type?

In the scope of the commercially-licensed interactive education software Textease Studio CT developed by RM Education for Microsoft Windows, the .tlt filename extension represents the Textease Studio CT Template (.tlt) file type. Different types of Textease Studio CT templates are denoted with different extensions such as .tlt, .tet, .tbt, and so on, depending on which component of the suite a template is intended for. Specifically, a .tlt file is a Textease Studio CT timeline template. It is a small text file, usually in the ISO 8859-15 (Latin-9) encoding, that provides a predefined timeline arrangement for a Textease Studio CT project. A number of various sample templates (.tlt, etc.) are provided in the Template folder in the Textease Studio installation directory. The .tlt file type gets associated with the Textease Studio CT during installation of the software.

The .tlt extension is also known to have been associated with the Trellix Web Template (.tlt) file type. Long deprecated, Trellix Web was a WYSIWYG web design tool once developed by Trellix Corp. for Microsoft Windows (later, CuteSITE Builder, also discontinued). With reference to Trellix Web, a .tlt file would be a web site template saved as a binary file using the OLE2 Compound Document Storage container format. Trellix Web templates (.tlt) could be used with Trellix Web only, and a selection of such was provided with the software.

In addition, the .tlt extension serves to denote the AverTV Teletext (.tlt) file type used by the proprietary software distributed with AverTV TV tuner cards by AVerMedia Technologies. The AverTV software supports reception and capture of teletext as broadcast by TV providers (whenever available). A .tlt file is a teletext transmission captured by an AverTV device (e.g., AverTV Studio 507) and saved locally in an encoded format. Unlike plaint-text teletext transcripts (.txt), .tlt files can be opened and viewed with AverTV only.

Quite differently, the .tlt extension additionally represents the Time Language Text Stage File (.tlt) file type associated with the Metric Studio component of the Cognos Business Intelligence software from IBM. The .tlt file just a regular tab-delimited text file, responsible for providing localized versions of different time period names.

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